Photographic diagram incorporating a selection of references used for Issue 1 of The Fashion Almanac:

Photographic diagram incorporating a selection of references used for Issue 1 of The Fashion Almanac

Including: ‘A Magazine curated by Maison Martin Margiela’, 2004; ‘Arnhem Mode Biënnale 2005’ catalogue; ‘Schott’s Almanac 2007’, Ben Schott; Poem by Carol Ann Duffy, British Vogue, July 2006; ‘Ustensiles de cuisine’ postcard; Secession exhibition material, Vienna 2007; ‘Pears Cyclopedia 2006-7 edition’; Zahn Nopper, store identity 1962-63, by Anton Starkowski; ‘Click/StampFold’ exhibition catalogue, Architectural Association Gallery, November 2007; cover for Benjamin Péret’s ‘Dormir, dormir dans les pierres’, Yves Tanguy, 1927; cover for ‘Self and Others’, Germano Facetti, 1975; St. John Bar and Restaurant postcard; Colour Code Notes (1983) and Colour Study (1987), Peter Saville; ‘The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language’, David Crystal, 1987; ‘The Heart’ exhibition catalogue, Wellcome Collection, London 2007; ‘Illustrated Dictionary of Fashion’, Mina Wakatski and Yoshiko Sugimoto, 2008; ‘Dot Dot Dot’, Issue No. Six; ‘Pipe and Glasses’, André Kertész, 1926; Periodic Table, ‘Science: Part 1, Books of Facts: Useful Information for Everyday Life’, The Independent 2007; silhouettes from Yohji Yamamoto Autumn/Winter 1987-8 campaign, photographed by Nick Knight; ‘Carlos’, Issue 11, Autumn 2005; ‘A Field Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe’, Peterson Mountfort and Hollom, 1967; ‘59 Positions’, Erwin Wurm, 1992; ‘The Enthusiasts Almanack’, 2006; ‘Home-Made: Contemporary Russian Folk Artifacts’, Vladimir Arkhipov, 2006; ‘The Well-Spent Calorie’, Harper’s Bazaar, designed by Alexey Brodovitch; ‘Whitaker’s 1974 Almanack’; ‘Schott’s Original Miscellany, Ben Schott, 2002; ‘L’Introuvable’, Marcel Mariën, 1937; magazine covers designed by Francis Picabia, Paris 1879-1953; ‘Collins Pocket Guide to British Birds: The Complete Identification Guide’, R.S.R. Fitter and R.A. Richardson, 1966; ‘A Magazine curated by Jun Takahashi’, 2006; ‘Sele Arte’ (7-12), 1953.